About Us

Easy Click Reviews - Get more reviews, get more business

Easy Click Reviews was started by a team of tech guys wanting to help businesses with adding and managing their reviews. It's been a fun road and now we are in the trenches helping businesses get more reviews.
We make it easy for you to only post the best reviews for your business, easily connect with a client, create monthly progress reports, connect with your point of sales system, and more!

What Is Easy Click Reviews?

Why does my business need
more reviews?

Most people trust companies when they have more reviews than their competitors. Do you have a strategy to get more reviews from your best customers?

How do I sign up?

Fill out a Customer sign-out form. Make sure you have a Google Business Profile. Upload an image of your business logo.

How does Easy Click Reviews work?

Sign up today for an account and upload your logo. You'll see how ECR sends your customers directly to your Google business profile page when you email your clients from our Easy Click Platform. When your customers click on a 4 or 5 rating in their review my business email message that we send them.

With Easy Click Reviews

Create custom emails requesting your customers to give you a review of your business. Get monthly reports that help you analyze how happy your customers are.

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$ 149.99
$199.99 Monthly Package
  • 1 user, per location
  • $50 more per user, per location
  • Connect your billing software with Zapier
  • Easy To use Dashboard Interface
  • Negative Review Notification
  • Increase Google Search Visibility
  • Upload your contacts with a CSV File for bulk emailing