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When most people find themselves in a situation where they need to find a lawyer for the first time, they are often very stressed and eager to quickly find counsel to help them resolve a troubling situation or legal matter. But there is more to the story. The process can be very intimidating and lawyers can be expensive. Finding, calling and then meeting with an attorney during troubling times takes an investment of considerable money, time, trust, and energy. People want to know that are dealing with an experienced, trustworthy, talented, and efficient lawyer before they even make their first call

And so, if you are a qualified attorney seeking new business, you may want people-in-legal-need to call you too. Therefore, it is imperative that somehow you get the word out about your skills, services and past successes, beyond first-person customer word-of-mouth.

At Easy Click Reviews we can help. We know that the majority of people looking to hire an attorney do almost all their research on the Internet. Among the locations where people check, they go to the customer review sites (sites like Yelp and Google Reviews) the most. Those sites, and the reviews that are posted on the sites, greatly influence the vast majority of new calls and first time business. If you are not on or near the top of the list, you are losing business.

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For this reason, you need for these review sites to progressively and accurately update, represent, and promote the good work you and your team has done, and continues to perform every day. Using ECR’s tools, collecting positive reviews from every happy client is not complicated. All you need to do is send your clients a post-case email or text, kindly asking how you did. Your positive reviews will automatically go to the sites you choose. No extra work. It’s not time consuming. It’s not expensive. (Note: When funneled through ECR, any negative review you may receive will be sent back to you, but will never be posted on any review site.)

Trust in ECR to help you use your good reputation to help grow your business. To get started today, call or click the link.