Moving Companies

Hiring a moving company, and then moving from one home to another, particularly when a great distance is involved, can be one of the most stressful things people encounter in their lifetimes. When selecting a moving company (basically a team of strangers to handle all their furniture and possessions) your customers want to hire a team that is experienced, trustworthy, careful, efficient, and reliable. And yet, in a world where there are plenty of bad options, how do people know to hire you?

Positive online reviews are key. In fact, nothing can improve a moving company’s reputation quite like a series of positive reviews posted on one of the main go-to sites, like Yelp, Angie’s List or Google Reviews. And so, to promote and build your business, you will need each of your satisfied customers to write you a review. (Keep in mind, the three-to-four top moving companies in your community that are at the top of any review site page, will receive approximately 85% of all new calls and new business. Both the quality and quantity of reviews matter. In other words, if your company is not on or near the top of these lists, you are losing business.)

YES, you are in a highly competitive business and both the quantity and quality of your reviews absolutely helps build your brand and drive new business! Therefore, when your customers are happy, their good thoughts and compliments about your work need to be shared online, every time – even if customers don’t post a review themselves. Every one of your satisfied customers should be included. Easy Click Reviews is here to help.

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By employing ECR’s simple-to-use tools, collecting positive reviews from every happy customer is not complicated. Following each successful move, all you need to do is text or email your customers and ask them how you did. It’s that simple. If they’re happy, they will almost always reply back. Any positive review you receive will then be automatically directed to your chosen review page. That’s it -- no extra work. It’s not time consuming or expensive. (Note: When funneled through ECR, any negative review you may receive will be sent back to you, but will never be posted on any review site.)

Trust in ECR to help you use your good reputation to help grow your business. To get started today, call or click the link.