Dental Offices

Studies suggest that as many as 36% of people currently don’t have a dentist and/or have not visited a dentist’s office within the past twelve months. During busy times, it can be a luxury that many people forget and/or cannot afford. Of course, however, we all know, that dental hygiene is important. Therefore eventually, most of these people will have a need and a desire to find a new dentist again. When that time comes, there are a few simple marketing initiatives that you can employ to increase the probability that they call you instead of another office elsewhere. At Easy Click Reviews we can help.

Like with most service-related businesses, people use the internet to research dental offices in their communities. To that end, customer review sites – sites like Yelp and Google Reviews – receive a large number of visitors. People searching for new dental (and orthodontic) offices regularly read the reviews, searching for a dentist that others have praised for any number of reasons. In fact, the more positive and recent reviews a dental office has, the more new calls they will receive.

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At Easy Click Reviews we can help. Our system offers you and your staff a simple, affordable, and friendly way for you to check in on your past customers via phone texts or emails to see if they are well and pleased with their last appointment. If they are and when they write back, their reviews and praise will be shared via a review to be sent back to you while also being posted on the review website of your choice. If you send these post-appointment text and emails to all of your customers, you will soon see your page setting rise within the review page. As your web presence grows, so will your number of new calls and customers. It’s not complicated. It’s not time consuming. It’s not expensive. (Note: When funneled through ECR, any negative review you may receive will be sent back to you, but will never be posted on any review site.)

Trust in ECR to help you use your good reputation to help grow your business. To get started today, call or click the link.