Notary Public

On important occasions and for meaningful transactions, the services of a Notary Public is needed. As a Notary you have been trained and taken an oath to be an impartial witness and a representative of the state. To that end, experienced, highly professional and knowledgeable notaries can help to protect both a buyer and a seller, eliminate fraud, and mitigate many post-transaction problems.

As a notary, your experience and expertise ought to matter when you market yourself to any new business. Those who look to hire a notary should know more about you and your services, and also realize that notaries come in all levels of experience, and professionalism. Additionally, many notaries concentrate on specialized signings (such as real estate, lending, and/or legal documentation, etc.). Not all notaries are the same – and hiring a “bad” notary can end badly.

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Fortunately, Easy Click Reviews can help you. As you may know, many “new” clients will find notaries by simply searching the internet and by often reading the customer reviews pages on sites like Angie’s List, Yelp and Google Reviews. If you are not using these sites to market yourself, and if you are not listed near the top of any search, you are losing out on new business.

Positive online reviews for your services are key – and both the quantity and quality of your reviews will absolutely help you to build your business, develop your niche (if you have one), and earn new business. Fortunately, Easy Click Reviews has a simple and effective program that requires minimal time, expense, or effort.

This is how ECR works. When you finish with a satisfied customer, text (or email) him or her using your ECR tool and ask how you did. Happy customers almost always reply back. Any good thoughts and/or compliments about your work that is sent back to you, can now be automatically copied and shared online on the review site of your choice. It’s that simple. After a short while, when ECR is used properly, after you text or email each of your happy customers, you will build up enough positive reviews to help take you to the top of any list. (By the way, when and if your customer’s review is negative, it will come back to you, but will not get posted online).

Trust in ECR to help you use your good reputation to help grow your business. To get started today, call or click the link.